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Available February 2024

A Cozy Country Christmas

11 stories about family, love, winter and Christmas by Christine Arness Star of Bethlehem, Live is in Lively, Pocket Full of Love, The Memory Tree, If Wishes Were Horses, Let Is Snow, The Most Important Ingredient, One Midnight Clear, Piano Christmas, Breath of God, In For a Penny.

Fairy Christmas Darling

It’s not every day a guy gets a chance to go from feeling like a zero to being a hero by saving a little girl’s Christmas! Delaney struggles with her daughter’s worsening eyesight and their failing farm. She’s got a new neighbor, a veteran who suffers from PTSD, but the “never give up” attitude of Lilly and Delaney brings him back to life. A frightening flashback causes Charlie to retreat, but it’s Lilly’s fascination with fairies that brings them together as a family.

Love Has The Best Intentions

Love Has the Best Intentions is an anthology of love stories. Love can be magically romantic. Love can be all about finding “the one”. Love can sweep you away or cross borders. Love is sometimes unexpected but always welcome. Love is a choice. Love Has the Best Intentions takes you from an Illinois farm to an orphanage in France, from the divorce court to a puppy training school. Love can’t be predicted, reasoned or denied. Love can be anticipated, desired and cherished. Everywhere, every day, love is demonstrated. Love may have unexpected consequences but love always has the best intentions.

Rosemary For Remembrance

Shattered by her husband’s tragic death, young lawyer Abigail James takes on a case that stirs too many memories. A dying woman wants Abigail to find out what really happened to her sister Rosemary, a hit-and-run victim who’s been dead for more than fifty years.

Rosemary, who had the looks of Hollywood royalty but ran straight into every dangerous situation she could find, mesmerized every man she came across. But she kept her heart hidden—and that may have cost Rosemary her life.

As she delves into the past, Abigail discovers suspects ranging from a vanished hoodlum to a judge who is now headed for the Supreme Court. And soon, Abigail comes to see how she guards her own heart, even from sexy Ross Stewart, her partner on the case. Yet soon she must turn to him, and learn to trust, as twisted threats warn her that investigating Rosemary’s death too closely will put Abigail on a collision course with danger and death . . 

Wedding Chimes, Assorted Crimes

In Lake Hope and other posh suburbs of Chicago, the services of photographer Keely O’Brien are in high demand, especially for all the theme weddings that are currently the rage among the social elite. But after Keely works two weddings from which the gifts are stolen, suspicion starts to fall on her, as well as on caterer Max Summers. Local gossip columnist Flo Netherton insinuates that Keely and Max may be playing some role in the thievery.

Putting aside her pride and her distrust of Max, Keely convinces him to help her uncover the real inside contact for the robbers. Together they set out to explore the grimy underside of the lace and tulle world of society weddings, but once-friendly business colleagues are suddenly too busy—or too afraid—to talk. Overnight, Max and Keely become pariahs, and something more sinister than rumor may be responsible for the wall of silence.